Students from 7-19 years old are welcome to participate in our six-week programs.  

The Process: 

1.   Complete the application paperwork.

or by mail to Attn: Michelle Cannon, President, 116 Flossmoor Circle, Crossville, TN 38558.

2.  Attend the Open House and Orientation on Saturday, March 19 from 10- 12 pm. Standing Tall will be on hand to meet with families.

3, Parents will be notified of available dates and when to start.

Standing Tall Staff reserve the right to fill a class according to ages and or specific needs.  We discourage siblings from taking the same class. 


Standing Tall - 2 Hour Class

This course is a basic introduction to horses and groundwork.  This class is designed for those to see what the program is about.  Individuals become acquainted with learning new life skills from a horse.  Those who are on our waiting list will be eligible to take the class as well as veterans, elders, schools, groups, etc.


Standing Tall 6 Week Class

This course is a comprehensive six-week course developed to introduce life skills with the help of our horses.  Parents may sign their children up for the course. For more info and placement, contact Teri Lynes at (614) 209-1168.  This is a commitment to ensure your child attends all the sessions.  We have children who are waiting.  Session dates to be announced.

Stand Proud - Veteran's Program -

This is an informal support group for veterans.

Standing Tall -Living in Excellence Program

This is a seven-week faith-based life skills program for adults.  Each life skills has a biblical reference.  A parenting class and financial responsibility are included in this program.  Participants interact and ride horses forming a bond of trust and love.  This class is by appointment only suitable for groups.

Available Classes


Class Schedule

Our Classes are held at The Standing Tall Workshop and Arena across from Wildwood Stables, or at the greenhouse at Wildwood.

1457 Westchester Drive, Crossville, TN. 

The program is FREE  for participants! 

To learn more about Wildwood Stables, please click the icon below. You will be directed to the website.


Application Forms

Student Application 

Waiver of Liability

Volunteer Application

Info in Spanish and English

We'd love to receive feedback from students & family members who have participated in our classes! Feedback is valuable and vital to our program so we can make sure we are providing the absolute BEST services to those in our classes.

Please click the link below to answer some questions about our program.

Thank you!