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Welcome from Michelle Cannon, Founder

The Standing Tall Life Skills Program was founded to help kids and adults who are experiencing social, emotional, or physical challenges in their daily life.  The inspiration came from me trying to find a program with would help my grandson, A.J., overcome the challenges he faced as a premature baby. His first year was spent with occupational therapists. That's when we first learned of the benefits of riding a horse and therapeutic riding.  After many years of trying to find the right program for A.J., the Standing Tall Life Skills program was born.  Since the pandemic, anxiety, and insecurities have increased for our community youth. 

At Standing Tall, we provide a positive and safe equestrian environment to empower students with social life skills and coping skills that help them build self-awareness, self-esteem, and resilience.  Our students care for the horses and a natural bond of trust and acceptance occurs.  This is a free hybrid holistic program to address the needs of the Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Our goal is for our students to incorporate their skills to improve relationships and build a stronger community.   We hope you join us to make a positive change in our community.

Our volunteers mentor and provide unconditional acceptance and love.